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Mar 29, 2012


KABAROLE MISSION GROUP                                      

KABAROLE MISSION GROUP 12TH HANDOVER SPEECH/ANNUAL REPORT                                             25th MARCH 2012

On behalf of the outgoing leaders, and the entire KMG family at large, I stand to testify before us the great things God has done during 2011/2012 term of office and what he is about to do.
As we celebrate, rejoice and say Ebenezer, allow me at this moment of time give thanks to the Lord for enabling us as his co-workers(1Chor 3:9) do all that has been done during this spiritual year, for it is all about Him. It is not by any man's ability or even efforts that we have been reaching out to the hurting, healing the broken hearted, loving the unloved and extending the gospel to the lost.
Since 27th March 2011 when we were handed over to, God has enabled us to conduct Three(3) Missions, Three prayer retreats, a leaders retreat(where leaders were imparted with Christian leadership skills), a first years' picnic, church ministries, a ministry to Ndejje University Luwero Campus, overnights, and a number of bread-breakings and several fellowships. During fellowships we have activities as Bible studies, sharing of the word, testimony, praise rallies, Bible quiz, heart to heart and counseling including Marital (marriage and relationship), emotional and carrier among others. On bread breaking, we gather, share the word, and interact with one another as this strengthens our bond of brotherly love.
Our First Mission was in Rukungiri district South Western Uganda, on 28th May-6th June 2011 and Rukungiri community Church hosted us being coordinated by our own Missioner-Mr. Matsiko Boaz. Over 750 souls were brought to Christ and many more encouraged and equipped with the word. This was through door to door ministries, School ministries, prison ministries, open air ministries and indoor seminars. We appreciate Boaz Matsiko for availing us with accommodation, the Church for giving us a stepping stone and partnering with us, the Forum for Rukungiri Born Again Churches for availing us with Radio airtime
On 13th-21st August 2011 we had the second mission in Makerere main and Nakawa campuses, over 20 students gave their lives to Christ and over 400 students encouraged. During this mission code-named KMG Campus Camp; we would move hostel to hostel, hall to hall preaching the gospel of Christ on a one-on-one basis. This led to an increase of number of missioners in fellowships to an average of 60 per gathering both in MUK and in MUBS.
Our Last mission was on 21st-30th January 2012 in Kitgum Northern Uganda, the first mission in Northern Uganda ever since the inception of KMG 12 years ago. On mission, over 500 people gave their lives to Christ in mainly door to door ministry, crusades, school ministry and ministry to an orphanage centre. We were hosted by Life Line Ministry-Labuje under the shepherdship of Pr Eunice, and we were coordinated by our very own missioner Mr. Odera Denis. Hosted  amidst an internally displaced camp(IDP camp), we got an opportunity of blessing the victims of war through counseling focusing on HIV/AIDS, carrier guidance, moral and discipline through indoor seminars. We were able to donate welfare in terms of clothes and shoes worth of millions of money, appreciation to all missioners and alumni for the sacrifice worth to note is Mr. and Mrs. Ojok Philip and the entire the Cornerstone management.
On May 26th 2012, God is sending us to Rwebisengo district , formerly part of Bundibugyo district-Western Uganda for a one week evangelical mission As you might have earlier noticed, on mission ground we carry out the following activities: Door-to-door ministry, open air crusades, radio-based preaching, indoor seminars, school, hospital and prison ministries, guidance and counseling, and community work among others.
In this year we have registered an increase in number of missioners between 40-60committed members majorly due to campus mission and brotherly bond has greatly been strengthened. We have been however faced with a challenge of the fellowship room since December 2011, though we believe God for one.
As a way of implementing a five year Action Plan for KMG, we launched a public address system project estimated at about sh8,000,000 and as at 29th Feb 2012, sh 609,100  was collected and sh500,000 re-invested into forex trading that is expected to earn the mission group returns of 1,000,000 per 4 months. The money has been raised through the fish campaign, where at least sh600 is collected from an individual per gathering, individual contributions and sale of KMG T-shirts. When procured, we expect the public system to make us self sufficient by hiring it out, help to reduce on the costs incurred for hiring machines for crusades and seminars during missions and above all foster our vision, “To know Christ and make Him known”. We therefore take the honor  to invite you to contribute towards this cause today and days to come.
As a way of expanding our territories both internally and externally, we realized there was need for us to own a website after accumulating enough data on our web blog, plans are under way though we are limited by finances to kick start as it requires about sh600, 000 initially for both web designing and hosting. You are thus requested for your possible in put towards this cause.
As depicted in the mission reports, we still face a challenge of transport to mission grounds this implies few harvesters even when the harvest is plentiful (Mat 9:37), we however look forward to a time when we will be travelling with our own public address system in our own van!
The lecturers strike followed by an unusual one month holiday in MUK came along with negative repercussions as every activity was to be done in the short time in order to cope up with MUBS arm since most of the activities are done together as a team. This implied a financial tightness, but thank God that we were not deterred. In the process of both internal and external expansion of the mission group, we have been facing the challenge of the name “Kabarole” as to many this sounds district-based. I there fore appeal to the vision bearers, Patron, Alumni president, and the entire KMG family to look into this after all statistics show that in the last three years, more than half of the executive leaders have not been from  Kabarole or Toro.
Just like our mission statement i.e.,” To leave together in unity and love as we grow in the knowledge of Jesus, that our lives will glorify God the father as we reach out to the hurting and lost world with the message of healing and salvation, starting with our communities and reaching the ends of the world”, to the incoming executive, I say it is only love and unity that will see you through.
We continue to appreciate our partners including the Encounter Jesus World Wide Ministries, World Evangelical Ministries, The Anointed Church Ministries and The Hill Rock Ministries; the KMG Alumni community, our fellow missioners, both on campus and outside that have contributed in different ways-financial, materially, emotionally, morally and otherwise, we say thank you. To the outgoing executive leaders, I personally appreciate all your input and above all your availability, you work shall forever be remembered and your sacrifice is not in vain (1Chor 15:58).
In conclusion, I have not enough words to express it, nevertheless, we give thanks to the Lord for his mercies, and his grace has finally seen us through. Forever we are grateful!
God less you all, enjoy the celebration
Always a missioner.

0n August 21 2011, the Projects office, as a way of implementing the five year action plan, launched the public address system project, that when in place would reduce the costs incurred on hiring machines during missions and make KMG financially self sufficient. Since then, money has been raised through the sale of KMG T-shirts and the most recent ‘3-FISH’ Campaign which literally means “3 two hundred coins” and individual contribution.
By 29 Feb 2012, sh609,100 was  collected, sh500,000 of which invested in forex trading which is expected to earn us returns equivalent to sh1,000,000 per four(4) months, sh77,000 of the money mainly from T-shirts is still in credit.
Appreciation to all  the missioners that have selflessly contributed towards this noble cause and to those that are yet to join in the call as we continue knowing Christ and making Him Known.
Mbubi Diana and
Kyapeire Gloria
Mwesige Ben:Chairperson 2011/2012